Setbacks & Failures- The Most Condemned Advisors


Starting and running a business enterprise is no ordinary feat. The feat definitely is not a sweet cup of tea for the weak hearted, as the road to success is never a smooth one. It is always full of potholes, bumps, road blocks and all other kinds of hostile obstructions that test one’s entrepreneurial abilities to the limit.


In addition to the requirements of business acumen and other managerial skills, running a business also requires other very important personal traits, to steer the business- cruise successfully through the turbulent sea of uncertainties and unforeseen challenges. The most significant of these personal traits is the fortitude to stare piercingly back at the downfalls and the failures, whenever they come calling on us. It is the ability to face adversities and challenges courageously and unflinchingly.


The enterprises do not always go as per expectations. Sometimes the decisions taken and the choices made back fire on us. Other times the people relied upon prove to be not so trustworthy.  The government regulations get changed, bringing additional financial and administrative pressures. There can also be natural calamities and other business- environmental changes to cope up with.


Adversities teach us lessons


Succumbing to business pressures to throw in the spanner is the easiest of tasks. It takes real tough mettle to refuse to give up, to sit up & take stock and to pull up the socks again. It takes real inner strength to make necessary hard choices to regain the spring in the steps to carry on.


The real teachers in life and in business are not the achievements and successes. In fact, adversities, failures, disasters & hurdles are the real tutors.


There are no problems ever in life and business; these are only challenging situations demanding extraordinary care and attention for maneuvering the steering wfacing-the-wallheel adroitly.



History is replete with examples of famous personalities who achieved success only after so many repeated failures.


Thomas Edison persisted through close to five thousand different attempts and more than $40,000 of expenditure at that time, to invent and perfect the incandescent lamp.


Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest American Presidents, went through 29 years of repeated failures before tasting success of a resounding victory. He failed both in business as well as politics but was elected president of the United States of America in 1860. He showed his exceptional qualities of leadership by guiding his country through the most devastating experience in its national history–the civil war.


Every failure, though ravaging, becomes one more step towards success if we trample it under our feet to climb higher. Like a stepping stone, it prods and makes us look straight towards our goal. It acts as a breather, allowing us enough time to understand our shortcomings and lets us regain our breath for next vigorous effort to get on with life.


Each setback jolts us to realize our mistakes and understand our deficiencies Every failure prompts us to hone up our skills further and rework our strategies. Both, indeed, act as our tutors & advisors.

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