Water Mirrors Life

Next to having a good sleep, connecting with water turns out to be the easiest of ways to rejuvenate our body, mind & soul. We can experience water in many ways. It can be simple rinsing of hands; immersing the feet; washing face; cleansing the body under a shower; a leisurely immersion in a pool or quenching thirst by drinking water. Water gets associated with human life very early in the cozy cocoons of the womb & then follows life throughout its journey under the sun, till life bids adieu to enter the abyss of the mysteriously unknown. Water is essentially an inseparable part of life, both being so intertwined that the journey of life also gets mirrored in the expedition of water.

To the creations on the earth, water seems to appear from the heights of the heavens, just like the human life which seems to descend into the womb from another mystical world. Both make use of necessary elements to take form. The moment a water droplet appears in the sky, it commences its sojourn, very much like the human life that takes birth, to begin its journey to take on the world.

As the water droplet plummets from its height, it transcends into uncertainties, experiencing many highs & lows in the form of atmospheric turbulences. While moving into the amazing suspense of every new moment, the human life too experiences various odds. In their tender age, the water droplet & the child, both experience the awesome beauty of nature. Both marvel and rejoice at the whispering sounds of the caressing breeze; melodies of the chirping birds; colorful dance of the sun rays and ever changing hues on the vast canvas of horizon.

Advancing in age, the child absorbs many characteristics from the people it comes in contact with. These people could be the parents, relatives, tutors & the peers. Much like the human life, water droplet also picks up more qualities on its way. It gathers more mass, more energy and also picks up suspended particles in the air which exert a powerful influence on its characteristics.

The droplet literally faces the tough ground realities, as it finally plunges on to the earth. Having come ooceanf age, the human adult also faces new challenges, as harsh realities of the world unfold. Subsequently, the water droplet becomes a part of a large stream that encounters numerous obstacles as it flows over different terrains, to finally merge with the huge mass  of the ocean.

As a part of a multitude of people, the human life too traverses through numerable days & nights, cruising over many landscapes unraveled by life, to finally disappear and submerge into that magnanimous eternity.

After some time, both reappear- purified & cleansed, ready for a new voyage. One rises above from the ocean as water vapour, seeking fresh nourishment from the clouds in the atmosphere, to take a new shape & begin another excursion. The other glows out of eternal darkness, settles for sustenance in a new womb, to take a new form & embark on another odyssey.

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