Throughout the day, we keep talking so much that we hardly have any time to listen to others. In our silence also, our mind plays a naughty trick and keeps us engaged in silent conversation with one of our relatives, friends, colleagues or acquaintances. So much so that when this mischief gets a little louder, it makes people talk by themselves with appropriate gestures.

“Speech is silver, silence is gold” is an age old proverb worth its weight in gold. It is when we are completely silent that we are able to hear our own voice. It is in our complete internal silence that we can listen to what our conscience wishes to tell us.

Similarly, when we look at our surroundings in silence, we find that there is so much beauty around us which we generally, otherwise, fail to notice. Some such moments captured through the eye of a camera keep amusing us forever.

It is in those moments of golden silence, when we are totally relaxed and at peace with ourselves that our inner self  props  up  new  thoughts & ideas. The articulation of  those  inner thoughts, through words & images, is our Inner Brew.