I was in my tender years when one of my aunts initiated me into believing in the existence of Master Creator. As it is, our whole family believed in that.

Certain experiences in life undergone by my parents taught them some very tough lessons. I learnt parts of those lessons from them. Every child does, but family lessons vary.

After my University Degree in Engineering, I worked for a number of years in a large enterprise. The experience at different positions and interactions, both professional & personal, with seniors & juniors immensely helped me in enriching my thoughts.

Entering into wedlock with someone who has a pious & compassionate soul gave a new twist to my life. Sharing of spiritual & religious thoughts & insights with her for the last 30 years has been very rejuvenating. Her work experience, in a state job, adds more strength.   sm2

Starting a business enterprise, that transformed into a Limited Company and has been creating a niche nationally & internationally for more than two decades, has given numerous avenues to broaden my horizons. Working as Director & later as Managing Director of the company also gave me ample opportunities to go places, sharpen my skills, meet people of different cultures & observe various new aspects. It also required me to keep enthusing and motivating our own people in the enterprise.

Being a founder member of a social service club, that takes up entrepreneurship development as a mission, and association with industry as active Advisor & Brand Architect, provides me with enough scope to share my views with numerous professionals I come across. That adds to my own learning too.

Our daughter, who is an Architect & married to an Architect, and son, who is on the verge of completing his University Degree Course in Engineering, have all traveled widely and keep furnishing invaluable information during exchange of views.



All this gives me enough inspiration to pour out my thoughts on a variety of subjects. Some of my writings here have already been printed in certain publications. This site is a new addition to that mode. We would keep adding more as we move along.






Kind regards.


Sudhir K. Gulati